Can Technology Be Discriminatory and Unfair?

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Tue, Mar 30, 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Initially, I always assumed technology was used to do good - solve problems to the challenges humanity faces. I never realized that there is a dark side of technology and how deep the roots go. You see, none of us is born choosing their race, gender, citizenship and many other things that define us that we have no control of. Technology has contributed to making life easier through things like using mobile money, shopping online, making robotics arms for the disabled etc. However, technology has also been used to discriminate, using those very things that define us, to deny access to opportunities, services, control power and to commit other injustices/unfair practices.

In this chat, I want you to walk away with:

  • A basic Understanding of what AI is - with a focus on Algorithms
  • Examples of how Al can be discriminatory
  • Actionable steps on how to combat this problem


  • Sylvia Mukasa

    Sylvia Mukasa

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    An award-winning entrepreneur, Sylvia is Founder/CEO of GlobalX Investments Ltd/GlobalX Innovation Labs. She is passionate about empowering Women in Tech and contributing to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Africa and globally. She is Country Co-Founder/Chapter Lead (Kenya) for Women in Tech Africa (WiTA). WiTA won the United Nations EQUALS in Tech Award, Leadership Category in 2018. She is a 2...

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