Learning Through Failing: Finding Opportunities When Projects Launched DON’T Deliver on The Promises

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Thu, Feb 18, 11:00 AM (EST)

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The frustration and disappointment is real when deployed products/ features don’t deliver the impact we expected them to have.

During this chat we will discuss how to re-examine and perform new analysis with fresh eyes after a “failure”. How to practice empathy to avoid the pitfalls of an “arrogant mindset” that comes with years of experience and success and remain open are receptive to user challenges and needs.


  • Yael Gutman

    Yael Gutman


    Senior Director, Digital Products

    Yael is Senior Director, Digital Products at ASCAP and a PowerToFly Mentor. She is a curiosity driven problem solver with 10+ years experience creating consumer centric digital experiences. Her specialities include Market research, User research, Consumer Insights, User Experience, Competitive Analysis,Product Management, Change Management, Storytelling, and Team Leadership.

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    • Meg Alexander

      Meg Alexander

      Delivery & Marketing Specialist, PowerToFly

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  • Megan Alexander

    Megan Alexander

    PowerToFly, Inc.

    Virtual Event Host & Moderator

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    Paloma Bianchetti


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  • maryella marie

    maryella marie

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