OFFICE HOURS: What You Need to Know When Working Remote With Diverse Cultures

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Wed, Feb 24, 1:00 PM (EST)

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I have always seeked for remote jobs. In that quest, I found many types of employers, coworkers, and clients from different backgrounds and cultures, and with a wide variety of expectations about how I should do my job. I've been told everything from "I don't understand what you are saying" to "that is rude". In this scenario, what is the best way for you to behave? How do you make yourself understood? How do you manage to influence on others? How do you get noticed by your employers? Working remotely has its pros and cons. Knowing them and understanding how to surf the wave can be the difference between your success or frustration at work.

During this talk we will walk through:

  • The attributes you will need to succeed at a remote job
  • How to understand and empathize with the background and culture of your clients and co-workers
  • Indicators that will show your employer your value, as part of the team, and the organization


  • Cristina Alvarado

    Cristina Alvarado


    Sales Development Representative

    Cristina Alvarado received a B.A. in Industrial Engineering and has a Master's Degree in Marketing. Over the past 9 years, she has worked in industries like Technology and Oil & Gas where she has helped scale the sales pipeline within the organizations, and develop Marketing and Business Plans for a range of product lines from various growth stages. The topics that she is passionate about a...

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