Diversity Reboot
Sep 10 - 11, 2020, 10:00 AM (EDT)

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That’s why we’re bringing together anti-racist educators, gender diversity experts, and other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leaders to discuss how companies and individuals can combat racism at work on a daily basis.

We’ll talk about the micro and macro level changes that need to occur to make a lasting impact and share a roadmap for continuing education efforts in 2020 and beyond.

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PowerToFly’s mission is to fast-track gender diversity through upskilling and connecting women to high-visibility roles. Our platform has 300,000 active community members in 204 countries and a database of 25 million professional women. We are intersectional and empower women, non-binary and trans individuals of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses and gender identities.

We welcome allies.

Milena and Katharine, 
PowerToFly Co-Founders


  • Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

    Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

    Founder, President, and CEO, Global Policy Solutions

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  • Krissah Thompson

    Krissah Thompson

    Managing Editor of Diversity and Inclusion, The Washington Post

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  • Jackie Gordon

    Jackie Gordon

    Congressional Candidate & 29-Year Armed Forces Veteran

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  • David Morgan

    David Morgan

    Managing Partner, D. Morgan & Partners and Co-Founder & President, MMCA

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  • Tiffany Dufu

    Tiffany Dufu

    Author of “Drop the Ball” and Founder & CEO of The Cru

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  • Michelle Kim

    Michelle Kim

    Co-Founder & CEO, Awaken

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  • Kristy Wallace

    Kristy Wallace

    CEO, Ellevate

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  • Licy Do Canto

    Licy Do Canto

    BCW Global

    Executive Vice President, Managing Director,

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  • Milagros Chirinos

    Milagros Chirinos

    Associate Director, Global Workplace Equality Program, Human Rights Campaign

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  • Derede McAlpin

    Derede McAlpin

    SVP, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, LEVICK

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  • Elinor Ruth Tatum

    Elinor Ruth Tatum

    Publisher and Editor in Chief, New York Amsterdam News

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  • Deesha Dyer

    Deesha Dyer

    Founder & CEO, Hook & Fasten & Former Obama Administration Social Secretary

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  • Julie Lythcott-Haims

    Julie Lythcott-Haims

    Writer, Speaker, Human. New York Times bestselling author & “CBS This Morning” Contributor

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  • Janna Meyrowitz Turner

    Janna Meyrowitz Turner

    Founder & President, Style House

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  • Dr. Tana M. Session

    Dr. Tana M. Session

    CEO & Founder of

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  • Maelle Gavet

    Maelle Gavet

    Tech Executive, Entrepreneur, Investor and Author, "Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech's Empathy Problem and How to Fix it"

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  • Nadia Owusu

    Nadia Owusu

    Author, “Aftershocks” & Associate Director, Living Cities

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  • Camille T. Dungy

    Camille T. Dungy

    Poet & Author, “Guidebook to Relative Strangers”

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  • The Vixen

    The Vixen

    Drag Queen, Songwriter, Fashion Designer, and Dancer

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  • Shanna Johnson

    Shanna Johnson

    CEO, cielo24

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  • Quiana Agbai

    Quiana Agbai

    Creator, Harlem Lovebirds and Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, Trifecta Media Group

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  • Bryan Matthew Charles Epps

    Bryan Matthew Charles Epps

    Director of Programs and Organizing, Leadership for Educational Equity

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  • Toya Lillard

    Toya Lillard

    Executive Director, viBe Theater Experience

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  • Dr. Lourdes Ashley Hunter

    Dr. Lourdes Ashley Hunter

    Executive Director & Global Initiatives Officer, Trans Women of Color Collective

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  • Carita Marrow

    Carita Marrow

    Diversity & Inclusion Talent Program Manager, Adobe

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  • Natalie Gillard

    Natalie Gillard

    Creator of FACTUALITY

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  • Tandra LaGrone

    Tandra LaGrone

    Executive Director, In Our Own Voices

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  • Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

    Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

    Facilitation, Training and Coaching Consultant, Intersections Consulting

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  • Sarah Bhandiwad

    Sarah Bhandiwad

    Lead Engineer, Floreo

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  • Taina M. Brown

    Taina M. Brown

    Life, Career, and Diversity Strategist

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  • Suzanne Sheely-Walker

    Suzanne Sheely-Walker

    Facilitator/Talent Consultant

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  • Calista Tucker

    Calista Tucker

    Talent Recruitment Specialist & Biz Coach | Owner, Calista Phair

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  • Lusen Mendel

    Lusen Mendel

    Director of Developer Relationships, Karat and Candidate Advocate, Candidate Planet

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  • Jossie Haines

    Jossie Haines

    Sr. Director, Platform Engineering, Tile

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  • Andrea Hall

    Andrea Hall

    Senior Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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  • Candace Ramirez

    Candace Ramirez

    Founder / Content & Branding Expert, Moon Honey Media

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  • Mira Stern

    Mira Stern

    Equity + Impact Consultant & Antiracism Educator, Mira Stern Consulting

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  • Milena Berry

    Milena Berry

    CoFounder & CEO, PowerToFly

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  • Katharine Zaleski

    Katharine Zaleski

    Co-Founder & President, PowerToFly

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  • Dionna Smith

    Dionna Smith


    Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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  • Lauren Hagerty

    Lauren Hagerty

    Director of Marketing & Community, PowerToFly

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  • Limor Bergman Gross

    Limor Bergman Gross

    Director of Mentorship, PowerToFly

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  • Sienna J. Brown

    Sienna J. Brown

    Global D&I Strategist, PowerToFly

    See Bio
  • Kristen Hughes

    Kristen Hughes

    Business Development Manager, PowerToFly

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  • Nicole Felter

    Nicole Felter

    Associate Marketing Manager, PowerToFly

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  • Meg Alexander

    Meg Alexander

    Delivery & Marketing Specialist, PowerToFly

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  • Maryella Marie

    Maryella Marie

    Virtual Event Moderator, PowerToFly

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