Diversity Reboot
Jun 15 - 18, 2020, 11:00 AM (EDT)

About this event



We’ve known since COVID-19 began that we would have an opportunity to rebuild our world the way it ought to be. And now, we’ve seen horrific reminders of what “normal” in the United States of America looks like. We need to do better.

Diversity Reboot 2020 is the free virtual gathering for women, allies, policymakers and business leaders who understand that talk is cheap: jobs and commitments from leaders are what we need now.

Watch It Again! Relive the excitement! All recorded videos of the summit are now available.


PowerToFly’s mission is to fast-track gender diversity through upskilling and connecting women to high-visibility roles. Our platform has 300,000 active community members in 204 countries and a database of 25 million professional women. We are intersectional and empower women, non-binary and trans individuals of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses and gender identities.

We welcome allies.

Milena and Katharine, 
PowerToFly Co-Founders


  • Arianna Huffington

    Arianna Huffington

    Thrive Global

    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • Donna Brazile

    Donna Brazile

    Political Strategist and Author

    See Bio
  • Rep. Val Demings

    Rep. Val Demings

    United States Representative, State of Florida

    See Bio
  • Johnny Taylor, Jr

    Johnny Taylor, Jr

    President & CEO, SHRM

    See Bio
  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    United States Senator, State of New York

    See Bio
  • Sallie Krawcheck

    Sallie Krawcheck

    CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest

    See Bio
  • Reshma Saujani

    Reshma Saujani

    Founder and CEO, Girls Who Code

    See Bio
  • Maxime Williams

    Maxime Williams

    Global Chief Diversity Officer, Facebook

    See Bio
  • Eve Burton

    Eve Burton

    Executive Vice President at Hearst

    See Bio
  • Jacqueline Novogratz

    Jacqueline Novogratz

    CEO, Acumen

    See Bio
  • Pat Wadors

    Pat Wadors

    Chief Talent Officer, ServiceNow

    See Bio
  • Rep. Judy Chu

    Rep. Judy Chu

    United States Representative, State of California

    See Bio
  • Alejandra Y. Castillo

    Alejandra Y. Castillo


    See Bio
  • Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

    Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

    Founder, President, and CEO, Global Policy Solutions

    See Bio
  • Iris Bohnet

    Iris Bohnet

    Academic Dean, Harvard Kennedy School

    See Bio
  • Angelica Ross

    Angelica Ross

    Founder & CEO, TransTech & Actress, “Pose”

    See Bio
  • Mayor Michelle De La Isla

    Mayor Michelle De La Isla

    Mayor of the City of Topeka & Congressional Candidate

    See Bio
  • Jonah Peretti

    Jonah Peretti

    Founder & CEO, BuzzFeed

    See Bio
  • Goli Sheikholeslami

    Goli Sheikholeslami


    See Bio
  • Renee Wittemyer

    Renee Wittemyer

    Director of Program Strategy and Investment, Pivotal Ventures

    See Bio
  • LaFawn Davis

    LaFawn Davis

    Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging - Indeed

    See Bio
  • Shana Sumers

    Shana Sumers

    Head of Community, HER App

    See Bio
  • Özlem Denizmen

    Özlem Denizmen


    See Bio
  • Andrea Breanna

    Andrea Breanna

    Founder + CEO of RebelMouse

    See Bio
  • Eileen Donahoe

    Eileen Donahoe

    Executive Director, Global Digital Policy Incubator, Stanford University

    See Bio
  • Frida Polli, PhD

    Frida Polli, PhD


    CEO and Co-Founder

    See Bio
  • Dr. Dara Kass

    Dr. Dara Kass

    Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center; Founder and CEO, FemInEM

    See Bio
  • Shaiza Rizavi

    Shaiza Rizavi

    Portfolio Manager, Managing Member, Gilder Gagon Howe & Co. LLC

    See Bio
  • Daisy Auger-Dominguez

    Daisy Auger-Dominguez

    Chief People Officer, Vice Media

    See Bio
  • Kevin Merida

    Kevin Merida

    Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, ESPN

    See Bio
  • Jasmine Bland Hawthorne

    Jasmine Bland Hawthorne

    Director of Talent Acquisition, Founder of TheValleyPearl.com, and Career & Leadership Coach

    See Bio
  • Melissa Bell

    Melissa Bell

    Publisher, Vox Media, Inc.

    See Bio
  • Jeanne Jang

    Jeanne Jang

    Head Of Innovation Lab at E*Trade

    See Bio
  • Emma Ruby-Sachs

    Emma Ruby-Sachs

    Executive Director, SumOfUs

    See Bio
  • Dee McDougal

    Dee McDougal

    SVP, Diversity & Inclusion, Pacific Western Bank

    See Bio
  • Rick Wade

    Rick Wade

    Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Outreach

    See Bio
  • Natasha Green

    Natasha Green

    Sr. Local Communities Manager, Anita Borg Institute

    See Bio
  • Shelley Zalis

    Shelley Zalis

    CEO, The Female Quotient

    See Bio
  • Dee Poku-Spalding

    Dee Poku-Spalding

    Founder and CEO of WIE

    See Bio
  • Kathryn Minshew

    Kathryn Minshew

    Founder & CEO , The Muse

    See Bio
  • Liz Wessel

    Liz Wessel

    Co-Founder & CEO, WayUp

    See Bio
  • Adda Birnir

    Adda Birnir

    CEO, Skillcrush

    See Bio
  • Judith Erwin

    Judith Erwin

    CEO, Grasshopper Bank

    See Bio
  • Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown

    Author and Founder & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting

    See Bio
  • Rha Goddess

    Rha Goddess

    Author and Founder & CEO, Move The Crowd

    See Bio
  • Janos Marton

    Janos Marton

    Lawyer & Criminal Justice Reformer

    See Bio
  • Rachel Valdez

    Rachel Valdez

    Investor & Director, People Operations, Imply

    See Bio
  • Lauren Guilbeaux

    Lauren Guilbeaux


    Head of Growth

    See Bio
  • Oluebube Princess Egbuna

    Oluebube Princess Egbuna

    Full Stack Engineer, PowerToFly

    See Bio
  • Jomayra Herrera

    Jomayra Herrera

    Investor, Cowboy Ventures

    See Bio
  • Dr. Craig Spencer, MD MPH

    Dr. Craig Spencer, MD MPH

    Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

    See Bio
  • Bridget Fawcett

    Bridget Fawcett

    Global Head, Strategy, Banking, Capital Markets and Advisory, Citi

    See Bio
  • Dr. Sheila Robinson

    Dr. Sheila Robinson

    Publisher & CEO, Diversity Woman

    See Bio
  • Michelle Gonzalez

    Michelle Gonzalez

    Head of Area 120 & Director, Google

    See Bio
  • Regina Wallace-Jones

    Regina Wallace-Jones

    Senior Vice President, MINDBODY

    See Bio
  • Carol Fishman Cohen

    Carol Fishman Cohen

    Chair and Co-founder, iRelaunch

    See Bio
  • Sarah Kunst

    Sarah Kunst

    Managing Director, Cleo Capital

    See Bio
  • Patricia Walsh

    Patricia Walsh

    Technology Product Director, Dow Jones

    See Bio
  • Katharine Weymouth

    Katharine Weymouth

    COO DineXpert, Former Washington Post Publisher

    See Bio
  • Heather Cabot

    Heather Cabot

    Author & Journalist

    See Bio
  • Maureen Hoch

    Maureen Hoch

    Editor, HBR.org and Managing Director, Harvard Business Review

    See Bio
  • Natalie Egan

    Natalie Egan

    CEO, Translator, Inc

    See Bio
  • Carolyn Parent

    Carolyn Parent

    CEO & President, LiveSafe

    See Bio
  • Amol Sarva

    Amol Sarva

    CEO & Co-Founder, Knotel

    See Bio
  • Kristy Wallace

    Kristy Wallace

    CEO, Ellevate

    See Bio
  • Licy Do Canto

    Licy Do Canto

    BCW Global

    Executive Vice President, Managing Director,

    See Bio
  • Jamal Simmons

    Jamal Simmons

    Political Contributor, CBS

    See Bio
  • Sherrell Dorsey

    Sherrell Dorsey

    Founder, ThePLUG and Build the Good

    See Bio
  • Milagros Chirinos

    Milagros Chirinos

    Human Rights Campaign

    Associate Director, Global Workplace Equality Program

    See Bio
  • LaBrina Loving

    LaBrina Loving

    Senior Software Engineer, Commercial Software Engineering

    See Bio
  • Ina Fried

    Ina Fried

    Chief Technology Correspondent, Axios

    See Bio
  • Ruth Umoh

    Ruth Umoh

    Reporter, Diversity and Inclusion at Forbes

    See Bio
  • Snigdha Sur

    Snigdha Sur

    Founder & CEO, The Juggernaut

    See Bio
  • Afrika Bell Kathuria

    Afrika Bell Kathuria

    Founder, ABK Creates

    See Bio
  • Carla V. Santiago

    Carla V. Santiago

    Founder, STORi Digital

    See Bio
  • Marcus Brauchli

    Marcus Brauchli

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, North Base Media

    See Bio
  • Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni

    Oluwatoyin Yetunde Sanni

    AI Research Student, Sapienza University of Rome

    See Bio
  • Ronit Bohrer Hillel

    Ronit Bohrer Hillel


    Sr. Director of Engineering

    See Bio
  • Raya Fratkina

    Raya Fratkina

    Team Lead, Kibana Applications, Elastic

    See Bio
  • Dr. Nettrice Gaskins

    Dr. Nettrice Gaskins

    Assistant Director of the STEAM Learning Lab, Lesley University

    See Bio
  • Katy Kasmai

    Katy Kasmai

    Founder, Pierre Noir LLC

    See Bio
  • Crystal Martin

    Crystal Martin

    Software Developer & Consultant, Slalom

    See Bio
  • Wendy Durica

    Wendy Durica

    Senior QA Lead, Kantar

    See Bio
  • Lola Shonaike

    Lola Shonaike

    Software Engineer, Raytheon Technologies

    See Bio
  • Leezel Tanglao

    Leezel Tanglao

    Senior Editor for Membership and Innovation, HuffPost

    See Bio
  • Leah Sutton

    Leah Sutton

    Senior Vice President, Global HR

    See Bio
  • Landi Spearman

    Landi Spearman

    CEO, Organized SHIFT

    See Bio
  • Minda Harts

    Minda Harts

    Founder & CEO, The Memo, LLC

    See Bio
  • Jes Osrow

    Jes Osrow

    Head of Learning and Organizational Development, Quartet Health

    See Bio
  • Mary Lipscomb

    Mary Lipscomb

    Program Manager, Diversity, Aetna, a CVS Health Company

    See Bio
  • Svetlana Kouznetsova

    Svetlana Kouznetsova

    Consultant, Author and Speaker

    See Bio
  • Tiffany Yu

    Tiffany Yu

    CEO, Diversability

    See Bio
  • Randi Braun

    Randi Braun

    Founder, Something Major

    See Bio
  • Francesca Hernandez

    Francesca Hernandez

    Senior Engineering Manager, Vrbo Marketing Data, Expedia Group

    See Bio
  • Desiree Booker

    Desiree Booker

    ColorVizion Lab

    Principal Consultant & Career Strategist

    See Bio
  • Kaley Young

    Kaley Young

    Principal Recruiter, Raytheon Technologies

    See Bio
  • Lynn Loacker

    Lynn Loacker

    Partner, Davis Wright Tramaine LLP ,/

    See Bio
  • Dawn Leaks

    Dawn Leaks

    CEO, The Lioness Group

    See Bio
  • Limor Bergman Gross

    Limor Bergman Gross

    Director of Mentorship, PowerToFly

    See Bio
  • Helen D. Sanchez

    Helen D. Sanchez

    Founder, Tanagui LLC

    See Bio
  • Ursula Wolz

    Ursula Wolz

    Founder & CEO, RiverSound Solutions

    See Bio
  • Rita Taylor

    Rita Taylor

    Solutions Manager, Deloitte

    See Bio
  • Jane Elizabeth

    Jane Elizabeth

    Managing Editor of The News & Observer and The Herald Sun

    See Bio
  • Jacqueline E. Kalk

    Jacqueline E. Kalk



    See Bio
  • Margaret Parnell Hogan

    Margaret Parnell Hogan

    Shareholder, Littler

    See Bio
  • Zeryn Sarpangal

    Zeryn Sarpangal

    Chief Financial and People Officer, Code for America

    See Bio
  • Matt Wallaert

    Matt Wallaert

    CoFounder & Lead Scientist, GetRaised

    See Bio
  • Patrice Peck

    Patrice Peck

    Coronavirus News for Black Folks


    See Bio
  • Kwame Omari Christian, Esq., M.A

    Kwame Omari Christian, Esq., M.A

    Lawyer & Director, American Negotiation Institute

    See Bio
  • Lauren Bell

    Lauren Bell

    Fair Chance Development Manager, Check

    See Bio
  • Topeka K. Sam

    Topeka K. Sam

    Founder and Executive Director of The Ladies of Hope Ministries

    See Bio
  • Chantal Emmanuel

    Chantal Emmanuel

    CTO & Co-Founder, LimeLoop

    See Bio
  • Aditi Maliwal

    Aditi Maliwal

    Partner, Upfront Ventures

    See Bio
  • Natalie Diaz

    Natalie Diaz

    Chief of Staff, Time Equities, Inc.

    See Bio
  • Celeste Iroha

    Celeste Iroha

    CEO, The Pre-Nursing Platform

    See Bio
  • Sarah J. Dash

    Sarah J. Dash

    President & CEO, Alliance for Health Policy

    See Bio
  • Dionna Smith

    Dionna Smith

    Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & Development

    See Bio
  • Karen Fleshman

    Karen Fleshman

    Founder, Racy Conversations

    See Bio
  • Lettie Shumate

    Lettie Shumate

    Historian | Antiracism Educator | Podcast Host | Racial & Social Justice Advocate | Facilitator

    See Bio
  • Bridges Holmes

    Bridges Holmes

    Director, Diversity & Inclusion | Learning & Development, MarketSource, Inc.

    See Bio
  • Tana Green

    Tana Green

    CEO, Blur Rail

    See Bio
  • Devi A S L

    Devi A S L

    Staff Engineer, Razorpay

    See Bio
  • Sasha Harris-Cronin

    Sasha Harris-Cronin

    Principal, BBI Engineering

    See Bio
  • Maria Mortati

    Maria Mortati

    Principal Consultant, Maria Mortati Experience Design

    See Bio
  • Brittney Ball

    Brittney Ball

    Software Engineer, Gatsby

    See Bio
  • Gloria Lee

    Gloria Lee

    VP, Business Development, GrayMeta Inc.

    See Bio
  • Jossie Haines

    Jossie Haines

    Sr Director, Platform Engineering, Tile

    See Bio
  • Padmini Janaki

    Padmini Janaki

    Founder, TheProdcast

    See Bio
  • Nour Durra

    Nour Durra

    Senior Consultant - Atlassian CoE, Nagarro

    See Bio
  • Julie Scott

    Julie Scott

    Sr. Software Engineering Manager, Vrbo

    See Bio
  • Mikki Mesfin

    Mikki Mesfin

    Senior Quality Engineer, S&P Global

    See Bio
  • Gabby Contro

    Gabby Contro

    Principal, Crosslink Capital

    See Bio
  • Danielle Gershowitz

    Danielle Gershowitz

    Associate, Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Practice Group, Cooley LLP

    See Bio
  • Maggie McGrath

    Maggie McGrath

    Editor, ForbesWomen

    See Bio
  • Ari Melenciano

    Ari Melenciano

    Creative Technologies, Designer, & Researcher

    See Bio
  • Elena Marinova

    Elena Marinova

    President, Musala Soft

    See Bio
  • Steve Guddat

    Steve Guddat

    Partner - Financial Services, EY

    See Bio
  • Adepeju Oduye

    Adepeju Oduye

    Head of Partnerships & Monetization Strategy, RebelMouse

    See Bio
  • Erica McMannes

    Erica McMannes

    Founder/COO, Instant Teams

    See Bio
  • Latoya Collins-Jones

    Latoya Collins-Jones

    Diversity and Inclusion Through Team Member Empowerment Strategies, Dell

    See Bio
  • Lynn Perkins

    Lynn Perkins

    CEO, Urbansitter

    See Bio
  • Latham Thomas

    Latham Thomas

    Founder, Mama Glow

    See Bio
  • Brigid Schulte

    Brigid Schulte

    Author & Director, Better Life Lab, New America

    See Bio
  • Liane Hornsey

    Liane Hornsey

    EVP & Chief People Officer at Palo Alto Networks

    See Bio
  • Aryah Lester

    Aryah Lester

    Deputy Director, Transgender Strategy Center

    See Bio
  • Swa De

    Swa De

    Senior Manager - Financial Services, EY

    See Bio
  • Dwight A. Anderson

    Dwight A. Anderson

    Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness at CSS

    See Bio
  • David Miskinyar

    David Miskinyar

    Director of Organizational Change Management and Transformation, Fannie Mae

    See Bio
  • Sue Baldock

    Sue Baldock

    Managing Director, EY

    See Bio
  • Stella Miranda

    Stella Miranda

    Senior Software Developer, Unbounce

    See Bio
  • Sharvani Haran

    Sharvani Haran

    Software Engineer (Android), Wikimedia Foundation ,

    See Bio
  • Amber Takahashi

    Amber Takahashi

    Founder, Brown Girl, Tech World

    See Bio
  • Payal Aggarwal

    Payal Aggarwal

    Senior Manager – Financial Services, EY

    See Bio
  • Marti Gould Cummings

    Marti Gould Cummings

    Drag Artist & NYC Council Candidate

    See Bio
  • Marie Faustin

    Marie Faustin


    See Bio
  • Sydnee Washington

    Sydnee Washington


    See Bio
  • Amoré Querida

    Amoré Querida

    DJ & Co-Owner Intlx Productions LLC

    See Bio
  • Alison Lewis

    Alison Lewis

    Advisor and Design Strategist, The Ohzone, Inc.

    See Bio
  • Deborah Golden

    Deborah Golden

    US Cyber Risk Services Leader, Deloitte

    See Bio
  • Shweta Saraf

    Shweta Saraf

    VP of Central Engineer, Packet

    See Bio
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