Diversity Reboot 2021: Pride at Work

Diversity Reboot
Jun 8 - 11, 11:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

PRIDE is not only rooted in the celebration of the LGBTQIA rights movement, but in reflection of the decades of work overcoming prejudice and advocating for equality of this marginalized population.

While the world has seen great strides to increase inclusion of our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers, the professional world still has a ways to go to reach true inclusion.

As part of Diversity Reboot 2021, our PRIDE summit series will focus on bringing individuals, leaders and organizations together to talk about the actions they are taking to increase representation, showcase members of the PowerToFly community who are making an impact, and highlight companies actively hiring right now.


PowerToFly’s mission is to fast-track gender diversity through upskilling and connecting women to high-visibility roles. Our platform has 300,000 active community members in 204 countries and a database of 25 million professional women. We are intersectional and empower women, non-binary and trans individuals of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses and gender identities.

We welcome allies.

Milena and Katharine,
PowerToFly Co-Founders