How To Go From Mental Chatter To Things That Matter

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Wed, Mar 31, 1:00 PM (EDT)

Cristina DiGiacomo in conversation with Linda Mata. Reset and recharge your mind, declutter distracting thoughts, find new inspiration, have more time for enjoyment. Go from mental chatter to things that matter.

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I thought I had the right frame of mind until, I couldn't shut off, couldn't focus, was struggling to be creative, and was still mentally replaying last week's meeting!

Until I realized I wasn't doing self-care ... for my mind. I needed to declutter all the noise and busyness in my head. So I embarked on a "Mental Detox" for 14 days and can share the best practices that helped me go from mental chatter to things that matter.

In this chat, I want you to walk away with:

* The effects and benefits of The Mental Detox

* The 3 most powerful things I learned along the way

* 1 simple practice that can take you from frantic to focused in 5 minutes


  • Cristina DiGiamomo

    Cristina DiGiamomo


    Cristina DiGiacomo is the founder of MorAlchemy and a Practical Philosopher and Advisor.

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