Life and Career in Product Management w/Senior PM at Twitch, Ngoc To, moderated by Katy Mason

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Fri, Aug 6, 3:00 PM (PDT)

Chat and learn from a Senior Product Manager first hand with experience building products in startups all the way to big corporations spaces. Join Ngoc To, Senior Product Manager at Twitch, in conversation with Katy Mason @modernchi

About this event


Ngoc will share her experience as a PM who has worked at startups all the way to big corporations, building B2C products. She inspires people with no technical background, as well as, first-gen WOC to break into product management.

You will receive an understanding of all things as a PM, the main responsibilities, expectations and stakeholders PM works with on a day-to-day basis, key challenges.

By the end of this chat you will learn:

  • Why PM is a rewarding job and why tech companies need them

  • A jumpstart: How to get into PM without a technical background

  • Key challenges PM has to face: workload, stakeholder management

  • Responsibilities of PM in general - the difference of being a PM at a startup vs a big corp

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Moderated by Katy Mason, elevating WOC and first-gen voices, and 


  • Ngoc To

    Ngoc To


    Senior Product Manager

    Ngoc is an experienced product manager with passion for products that delight users with innovative technology and intuitive user experience. Ngoc is currently a Sr PM at Twitch working on improving the ads experience for Twitch viewers. Prior to Twitch, she was at Adobe working on machine learning initiatives for video editing apps to automate and simplify workflows of video content creation. ...

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    • Katy Mason

      Katy Mason


      Interview & Conversation Guide, Spotlighting WoC, first-gen perspectives

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