Negotiate for More: Because it’s Time to Stop “asking” for Fair Pay and Equity with Kim Tran & Katy Mason

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Thu, Jun 24, 2:00 PM (EDT)

The audience will walk away with negotiation tactics on how to reframe and revamp their mindsets and communications strategies in order to achieve win-win outcomes in their careers and businesses. Join Kim Tran, Founder of Your Work Inspires & Global Tech Marketing Consultant, in conversation with Katy Mason @modernchi

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"Rules" are not always true and set in stone because nearly everything is negotiable. Also, we are not here to “ask” for permission to achieve pay parity.

Let’s shift from following unexamined “rules” towards advocating and negotiating for more--not only for ourselves, but for all women and all intersections of our community, including women of color, differently abled, working mothers, and marginalized women-identifying people.

Some women hold themselves back from negotiating because of their fear of...

  • losing an opportunity 
  • coming across too “greedy” or “demanding” or “difficult”
  • being laughed at or not being taken seriously

...rather than lack of skill or knowledge.

And while research shows that biases and prejudice against women when we DO negotiate are still very real, it’s so important for us to keep showing up and speaking up so that we can begin to effect and impact real change in the corporations and organizations we work in and belong to.

The audience will learn and walk away with inspiration from Kim’s upbringing as a first-gen woman of color growing up in a Vietnamese immigrant and refugee family; her career pivots and “power moves” from the legal field to marketing; and her most recent transition into tech as a non-technical professional.

During this chat you will learn and reflect on...

  • How to map out our values and strengths in order to position ourselves with more confidence and power in our careers and businesses
  • How outdated limiting beliefs and behaviors from childhood may still be hindering us as adults in our careers & businesses
  • Mindset techniques and reframing strategies to help overcome our fears and emotions to achieve win-win money outcomes that will help close the wage gap and wealth gap for women, especially women of color

Bring your voice and perspective to co-create this LIVE Chat & Learn with Kim Tran and Katy Mason.

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  • Kim Tran

    Kim Tran

    Your Work Inspires

    Global Tech Marketing Consultant

    An ex-aspiring lawyer turned global tech marketer, Kim began her career working in media litigation and First Amendment law before going client-side with Discovery, Inc. While there, she leveraged her legal background into a brand strategy and marketing career full-time, leading cross-functional teams and producing multimillion-dollar media campaigns.Most recently, Kim consulted for the .org an...

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    • Katy Mason

      Katy Mason


      Conversation Facilitator & Qualitative Interviewer

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