Stepping into Creativity & Music to Reach our Potential & Honor Ourselves w/Carolyn Iga & Katy Mason

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Wed, May 5, 5:00 PM (PDT)

We cannot help but bring our full selves to work. Do you believe we are multi-faceted creatures? How does enrichment from music, hobbies, leisure activities, online learning, inform and unlock ways of thinking and problem solving? Join Carolyn Iga, Founder and President of Neighborhood Music Arcadia, in conversation with Katy Mason.

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Creativity is breaking through limitations, finding solutions, expression, communication. Let’s celebrate the creativity within us.

While playing music can be rote without expression, for example playing scales, practicing the same thing over and over without engaging in emotion, without activating thoughts and expression, music provides a language, often without words, that brings out important ideas that need to be expressed.

There are no “umm’s” or hesitations, or backing off in a composition or song. Putting ideas on paper and expressing it in song, can create drama, climax, humor, resolution.

By the end of this chat you will have reflected on:

  • Has music been a big part of your life? Have you dived into a new instruments as an adult, what was that like?
  • What were your new passions formed this past year?
  • What are your lifelong passions?
  • Share with us the challenges, wins, and gains from personal enrichment activities, that has translated to new ways of being in your professional life. 

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  • Carolyn Iga

    Carolyn Iga

    Neighborhood Music Arcadia

    Founder & President

    Carolyn grew up teaching herself to play the ukulele at the age of 4, and taking formal piano lessons at the age of 7. She became the lead trumpet in the Hawaii State Junior Orchestra, Concert Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band. Carolyn earned a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Hawaii and a Masters in Church Music with a major on piano and choral conducting from The Southern B...

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    • Katy Mason

      Katy Mason


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